History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Battle Axe Mobile saga continues to grow throughout the Nation.


About Battle Axe Mobile

Steve met Corbin at a company outing.  Steve, looking to expand into a new bussinees venture thought of the concept of mobile axe throwing. Since Steve was looking to go mobile, Corbin, owner of Corbin’s BBQ and Tap Truck USA, had years of experience in the mobile food and beverage industries. Combining their expertise and interests, they created a Battle Axe Mobile, a mobile axe throwing business.  Their unique, safe, and portable axe throwing trailers bring the axe throwing experience directly to the customers. Even though Battle Axe Mobile calls San Diego home, their mobile axe throwing trailer has traveled to Los Angeles, Orange County, and Palm Springs for axe throwing events around the state. 

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About Steve (The Axe Guy)

Steve has a sports background and was inducted into his college Hall of Fame in 2019 for baseball. Steve is ambidextrous which allows him to quickly teach anyone how to throw an axe like a pro. 

About Corbin (The Mobile Guy)

Corbin launched Corbin’s Q., his mobile BBQ business, in 2013.  Beginning at local farmers markets, it exploded to hosting 800-person SDSU tailgates to a 2000-person Poinsettia Bowl event. In 2016, Corbin expanded his mobile catering business by launching Tap Truck SD, a mobile bartending experience that blends classic trucks with tap beer, wine, cider, and even gatorade. Ever expanding, Corbin Q’s now has a restaurant near San Diego State University and Tap Truck has grown into an international brand, with more than 40 locations across the US and Canada.

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